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A History of Western Music - Part 4

Modern Extremes
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 7:00pm (Phoenix)

Arizona Opera's Director of Education hosts part four of a four-session class to discuss the history of western music and how it expresses the world throughout the ages.

Western music is an integral part of our culture, but rarely do we take the time to learn about how motets, symphonies, operas, nocturnes, musicals and more came to be. In this four-part series, join Joshua Borths, Director of Education at Arizona Opera, on a journey from the music of ancient Greece to the songs of today. Celebrate the sounds of the past, and what they reveal about the world we live in right now.

Part 4: Modern Extremes. 

Influenced by the anguish of world wars, the music of the twentieth century explored uncharted musical waters and redefined the meaning of the word "music." Today, we are still unraveling these musical experiments today as contemporary composers express the world around us all.

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Part 4: Modern Extremes