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Jobs & Auditions

The Workroom Assistant helps the Costume Shop Manager oversee the daily workflow in the costume Shop. They help establish and maintain the work standards for the costume shop and stock as a whole, including assisting with the management of each production’s timelines and hourly estimates. Workroom Assistant also helps supervise wardrobe crews during production performances. The Painter/Dyer is responsible for all of the color modification of fabric & garments that will be needed throughout the season.

The Lead Dresser is an hourly position that helps create and maintain all appropriate wardrobe paperwork and will function as the point person at each venue for the wardrobe crew.

Arizona Opera Orchestra announces auditions for the Concertmaster.

52 projected services for 2019/2020

2019/2020 per service rate: $204.97

Employment will begin no later than the 2020/2021 season.

The Marketing Specialist performs a full range of tasks in support of the marketing department, liaising with other company departments, to include: email communication, website content maintenance, assistance in managing the department’s digital marketing strategy, departmental communication tasks, as well as overall assistance in the completion of marketing goals for the organization.


Arizona Opera is seeking a motivated, detail-oriented, and energetic Patron Services & Special Events Manager to join its expanding Development team as the company continues to pursue its vision of artistic vitality, delivery of civic value, audience expansion, and institutional strength and sustainability.

Supernumeraries are people of all ages who share the stage with operatic artists. Supers volunteer their time and act on the stage as non-speaking, "extras." Supers can play soldiers, townspeople, nuns, Gypsies, as well as many other important stage-filling roles. A Super's enthusiasm and cooperation, and general interest in theater, go a long way to making a good candidate for these opportunities!