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Italian Opera Lecture Series Part 3

Italian Opera 1848-1926
Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 7:00pm

The third of a three part series, this year's Department of Education Fundraising Lecture Series features an indepth exploriation of Italian Opera.

Part Three (1848-1926)

Italian opera reached its zenith with the works of Verdi and was prolonged by the success of the Puccini and the verismo composers. However, the impressive and innovative arc of Italian opera reached its end with the premiere of Turandot in 1926. However, is Italian opera on the verge of yet another renaissance? You will have to join us for the conclusion of this lecture series to find out!

Italian Opera Lecture Series

Part 1 (1600-1800) »
Part 2 (1800-1848) »
Part 3 (1848-1926)

Tickets are $20.00 Per Lecture ($60.00 for the series). Registration is required. 

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